The time to get involved in esports is now.

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FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018, O2 Arena, London

We are gamers and dreamers. We are competitive and the best at what we do. We have transformed our lives through eSports and we want to help you do the same! Whether you are an international business that wants to take its first steps in one of the fastest growing markets or an up-and-coming player who wants a shot at glory, we are here to set you up and get you on the right track to break through limitations.


Why now?

It’s hard to put an accurate figure on the eSports industry’s potential, although leading research companies estimate that the scene’s revenue streams will grow towards the hundreds of millions in the coming years. There is no doubt whether it’s worth taking the risk and getting involved in eSports now.


Why You?

The eSports market is one of the youngest entertainment branches in the industry. Its core is the people you want to reach and engage with your brand and vision. ESports can help to create touch points with a target group, which would otherwise be extremely hard to reach.


Why Us?

With almost 10 years experience in the scene, we have long been where everyone now wants to be. We contributed substantially to today's virtual sports scene and still have the same energy for it as when we started. We’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to.




The biggest virtual football tournament has been around for years and has transformed from a marketing stunt to a highly professional esports competition. With the rebranding from the FIFA Interactive World Cup to the FIFA eWorld Cup, it is now set to take FIFA esports to a new level. Take a look at our main project and other success stories.