FIFA eworld cup 2018 grand final

The FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 was the first edition of the rebranded FIFA tournament. The Grand Final was held in London’s O2 Arena in mid August. 32 Grand Finalists met and competed over 3 days, all with the hopes of being named the FIFA eWorld Cup Champion, taking home 250,000 USD and winning their tickets to attend the FIFA Best Awards. The eSports Company was the lead agency for the live tournament handling many aspects from event and player management to communications and marketing.



The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) was launched back in 2004 and since then has evolved from a marketing stunt to the world's biggest virtual football tournament and the most respected competition in the scene.

Since 2010, the esports company has been involved in the FIWC as lead agency. SEE MORE

Fiwc season 3 qualifiers

In 2017 The eSports Company was the dedicated agency producing the season 3 qualifiers for the FIWC. These tournaments were held in Los Angeles, Dubai and Munich, each testing a new tournament format to determine the best for FIFA tournaments.

At the end of the qualifiers all but 2 seats for the FIWC Grand Final being held in London had been filed.


The credit card firm and official FIFA partner VISA was interested in intensifying their FIFA Interactive World Cup investment. Together with the esports company, an approach to qualifying tournaments in Mexico and Brazil has been elaborated. 

In addition to advising VISA in terms of event planning, live streaming and branding, the esports company took care of the competition management of the two qualifiers.

FIFA eCLUB WORLD CUP 2017 and 2018

The FIFA eClub World Cup was held for the first time in 2017. Professional football clubs who had signed FIFA eSport athletes were invited to participate in a one day event to battle for the remaining two grand final slots.

2018 showed the second edition of the tournament where both professional football as well as eSport clubs competed to participate in the live event.

fiwc 2011-2016

The Esports Company part of Gallafilz GmbH was the leading agency for the FIFA Interactive World Cup from 2011-2017. Throughout those years the tournament was held around the world in top locations such as New York, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.

With significant growth the tournament rebranded to what it is known as today the FIFA eWorld Cup. SEE MORE

munich's best gamers by m-net

Munich-based telecoms provider M-net organized a promotional event in the city center of Munich to boost awareness and sales of their gaming internet package. Involved in the event were professional FIFA gamers Kai 'deto' Wollin and FIFA YouTuber 'DerHansus'.

The campaign was planned and carried out by the esports company.